Perfect taste and beautiful manners

It strikes us of a sudden that it might amuse our readers to spend a few minutes in this deadly rainy summer looking over the Professor’s little exhibitionabout a small group of exiled Aberdeenshire Jacobites who were noted for their perfect taste and beautiful manners. It is only to be hoped that James Irvine’s other masterwork, predictably a Sleeping Endymion, survives somewhere in the recondite collection of some remote laird with perfect taste, beautiful manners and an oratory somewhere about his policies by the late Sir Ninian Comper (of whom readers can expect to hear a good deal more over the course of the next few months).

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  1. Will Says:

    Coo. I like the marbling. Is P.P. now an equerry for the Romano-Aberdeenshire Taste Police? Incidentally, why is St Cecilia playing braille draughts on an organ made out of baroque armchairs? And I think those cherubs have either nicked the score or they’re looking at the Men’s Gaelic Football fixtures…

  2. Jane Says:

    Dear godson, S. Cecilia is playing, as you acutely observe, draughts on an organ made out of armchairs because that’s what an engraving (not an awfully good one) after Raphael by the artist’s father showed. The artist (who is a minor hero of mine) was distracted by politics perhaps: his uncle murdured a Whig and he and his father were always getting outlawed. It is certain that the cherubs are studying Gaelci Football fixtures. Well done. Great thing, art history.

  3. Will Says:

    Is that a real well done or a ‘34 and STILL tiresome’ well done? I rather hope its the former but rather suspect its the latter. Maybe I get points for saying that the Ecstasis of St Cecilia in the Church of San Giovanni in Monte shows her with a now clearly dismembered organ, evidently the product of an ecstatic fit.

  4. Jane Says:

    *Which* organ?

  5. Jane Says:

    No, dear godson, it’s a *real* well done. I like the idea of the Gaelic football too, accords wholly with the somewhat rough customer who looks out from Cosmo’s self-portrait.

  6. Will Says:

    Thanks. I’ve just been in a rough pub and met a chap who planned an 80m quid rebuild of Eastbury House (once bigger than Blenheim) and who was going to turn it into a sort of stonemasons scholars emporium for local clever types with nervous dispositions. Sadly 38m quid went to a large project in Wales instead. Never mind. He told me how to build a brick bread oven and a well, which may well be useful. I’m still waiting to wheedle my way onto the Wimborne St Giles Estate and give it a good going over..

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