The Doubtful Guest

We have the Real World Consultant and the Nottingham Correspondent here. Nothing doubtful about that. But along with the N.C. comes her friend and companion of many years, who is elderly and irenic in temperament, but unfortunately, also fluffy, black and white, and given to going miaw. That is, from the viewpoint of Miss Kit, a Vile Interloper to be scorned utterly, and an object of dread and paranoia. The Doubtful Guest is himself distinctly doubtful about dogs, even poor old Miss Best Friend, so there is a good deal of paranoia about at floor level one way and another. The Guest is all that is purry and amiable, and is doing his level best to indicate that he intends no harm, but after Miss Kit’s misadventures with her dreadful Governess, she is wholly disinclined to trust him. The Guest was allowed to become free range today, rather than being a mystery voice behind a door, and I think Miss Kit is hiding out in the wood. We are all living for the day when the quadrupeds all decide the ones they don’t like are invisible. Meanwhile, Miss Kit has, at least, religion to console her. When the Professor was reading in bed the other morning, she declared herself to be an Anglo-Catholic and hurled herself upon a recently acquired book about Sir Ninian Comper. She is now howling for rose-red damask and the right sort of incense, and says that she intends to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Or voliness, perhaps. It’s sometimes quite hard to tell with cats.

3 Responses to “The Doubtful Guest”

  1. the tropical godpapa Says:

    No self-respecting Anglo-Catholic, feline or otherwise, can possibly be expected to flourish without a copy of the 1928 prayer book, which I urge you to present to Kiss Kit at the earliest possible opportunity. One must, after all, have something to read when one is suitably attired in rose damask and posturing in a cloud of incense. (The 1666 production is, of course, UNTHINKABALE!) I trust that Miss Kit has cut off one of the 39 buttons on all and any C of E cassocks that may be lying around the house, and is already adhereing to the golden rule that, if it moves, cense it; if it doesn’t, genuflect.

  2. the tropical godpapa Says:

    Oh, and by the way, we would all appreciate a photo of Miss Kit genuflecting.

  3. Jane Says:

    She genuflects very prettily, in quadrupedal style. Front legs down, paws neatly together, tail at a fetching angle. I will try to catch her at it. She is, however, hampered on the 39 buttons issue by being unable to count. She has therefore tended to bite buttons off things on principle, though heretofore we have put this down to Badness rather than Religion. On the subject of censing, I think we should draw a veil. All I can say is, she has occasionally done her best, and we must remember that their aesthetics are not our aesthetics.

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