Ravilious clues and my godmother

Young Cryptographers! Fearless cub semioticians! Fathers of the Society!
Here is a further clue, supplied by Alan Powers, which seems to point us to a crossword type of solution using the words implied by the drawings on the alphabet mug.
The reference to the Alphabet mug comes in a letter from Thomas Balston
to Ravilious, 21 April, 1938, thus: ‘As a habitual crossword [illeg.,
looks like ‘fan’], I’d no difficulty in guessing the missing words.’
That’s the only clue we’ve got. Perhaps if we got the papers of Thomas
Balston, we’d find Ravilious’s letter (he’d sent him a mug as a
present) and see what promted it.

And, unconnected, a wonderful moment from my godfather Marcus’s partner who I have delightedly adopted as my godmother. They are designers, persons of dash, persons of taste. They operate in several continents. They are beginning to consider whether they should start a fashion for black wedding gowns, having very successfully set a fashion for black diamonds a few years ago. I think they could do anything: their letters give one a flash of understanding of what it must have been like to have been Beau Nash, Beau Brummel, reclining in contemplation and deciding what the fashions should be six months hence.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Before we set the Babbage engines and the non-barking dogs loose on this, are we certain that Balston wasn’t simply referring to interpreting the images themselves?

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