Under the Weather

We were promised snow today. As of yesterday evening this seemed most unlikely, since the weather was mild, wet, and blowy, but it turned much colder in the night, and the morning opened upon intermittent gusty showers of hail. These play havoc with Miss Kit’s ablutions; when a cat is pacing tensely to and fro in the garden making little excavations at various softish spots, a sudden rattle of hail is apt to take her mind off things. It took three separate garden-dashes before the call of nature was finally heeded in late afternoon. As often when it is very windy we were aware of fluctuation in the electricity supply, and at about half past three, the circuit which governs the front of the house (except the drawing-room) went phut. We are not absolutely helpless, and duly went looking for fuses. The wiring of this place reflects its somewhat curious history of being split-up and re-joined in various different ways, and there are no less than four fuse boxes. There must have been separate meters all over the place, eloquent of profound mutual mistrust among the various members of the happy family we bought it from. We checked three of them, but the fourth defeated us completely, since we couldn’t get into it, and we left it for Miss T’s Dad. He duly came by in the course of the evening, and checked it out — all seemed to be well. We found a fifth fuse box, and he checked that out too. In the end, he was forced to admit defeat, and left us with the thought that it’s probably at the point where the stuff comes into the house. It would happen at a weekend, of course, these things always do. So we are in the odd position of having half a house. The half with the cooker in, which is nice: the Professor has retired to the boys’ small but manly sitting room and is having flashbacks about his days as a graduate student, and I am still at my post downstairs where I can fulfill my sacred task of letting one or other animal out every twenty minutes — though I have to say that since the wind it is howling and the snow is outrageous, only Miss Best Friend is at all keen on the great outdoors. Miss Kit is very decidedly staying where she is, on her hot spot.

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  1. The Ceature From Cumbria Says:

    Very enjoyable embedded Bob Dylan line . . . made my day. (OK, so it obviously doesn’t take much . . .)

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