The Queen’s Shilling

My ex gamekeeper is heading off tomorrow for a new life in G*****y. I am informed by a correspondent wise in the ways of the world that my innocent comments on his immediate future as the most recent recruit to Her Majesty’s colours caused my blog entry to be wiped by ever-vigilant security forces which apparently patrol the net looking for Careless Talk. He seems slightly terrified, in a ’standing on the high diving board with quaking knees’ sort of way, but actually to be quite looking forward to it. We are feeling unusually pro Western medicine at the moment. The Professor, who has not been well for about three weeks, with a feverish cold which kept coming back, gave in and went to the doctor. The virus seems to have gone its ways some time ago, but a cunning bacterial infection lodged itself somewhere in the ear/jaw region which is why he has been dozy and feeling ever so slightly poisoned. We try to keep antibiotics out of our lives as far as possible, but this was clearly a moment for precisely that. Shazam. The effect was all but immediate. While a bit weary, he is once more feeling quite human.

4 Responses to “The Queen’s Shilling”

  1. william Says:

    Is that near J****y?

  2. william Says:

    My wife has suffered a similar thing for over three years. Being a violinist she has tried to ignore the whole thing. It’s an eustacian tube virus, probably invented by the Russians (or Porton Down). Her doctor gave her some Sudafed about two years ago, clever chap.

  3. Jane Says:

    I dare not be more precise about the dear boy’s whereabouts lest ‘Vampire’ descend & wipe the blog out of existence. Think, perhaps, of beer & pretzels rather than daffodils & bankers in hiding from the legitimate wrath of the rest of the world. re. comment 2, sometimes a huge antibiotic is the only answer.

  4. William Says:

    I agree. Another possible cure could be the Scarborough Art Gallery; Mother tells me she has been thoroughly enjoying Ravilious and Grimshaw in there; I’m impressed! P. would love them.

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