There have been a couple of interesting additions to the household in the course of the day. One is ever such a lot of limewash. Limewash negotiations have been prolonged. There was, as constant readers may remember, a dismal episode in the autumn when we were sent a limewash mix that looked like Heinz tomato soup. We re opened the question a week or two back, and this time, were sent shade cards. There were some lovely colours, none of which, unfortunately, would look at all right against our very trying local stone, but somewhere in the middle was a dull pink which looks perfectly feasible — for several days we sprang about with it trying it on dull days, bright days, different bits of the house, different light, then finally we committed ourselves and ordered some. It turned up (rather faster than we were expecting) today. Plan A is to limewash the garden wall. Plan B, rendering and limewashing the house itself, will be much more expensive and is remaining on the ‘to do’ list rather than being, as the execs say, actioned. The morning’s excitement, meanwhile, was a visit to one of the local antique shops, undertaken basically in the interests of its being a lovely sunny day and getting out for a bit, which has yielded a portrait drawing dated 1806, which the Professor is inclined to think is by Raeburn — since there is only one known Raeburn drawing it’s hard to be sure, but it’s certainly a very competent piece of work.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Actually the Professorial opinion has arrived at it being a drawing OF Raeburn (Sir Henry, portrait painter etc), the resemblance of the face to his 1814 self-portrait is remarkable. Whether it is a drawing BY Raeburn is a mystery as there’s only one comparandum.

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