What can little paws do?

Miss Kit is sitting with her back to me, sulking. Earlier this afternoon I wandered out to plant some summer bulbs only to find on my return that not only had she turned on Help several times and put everything in capitals, which is what she usually does, but the display on my computer screen had turned through ninety degrees and I’d forgotten how to fix it. This is an incredibly exasperating experience because the mouse doesn’t seem to know if it’s meant to be going where it usually goes or at ninety degrees thereto. It can therefore take four minutes by the clock to get the wobbly & confused white arrow to the point where you want it to be. In the interests of sanity, I shut her out while I tried to sort out my screen. She absolutely hates this, and was to be heard screeching and scrabbling at the kitchen door while I grimly tried to undo her tiny interventions. It took me three quarters of an hour, and if anyone out there is blessed with a cat under the illusion that it can type, they might like to know that the answer is CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Alas, there is no kitty in the house to make such mischief at present. Soon, though, I will have need. It’s spring and mother nature will provide. I call the local shelter each Saturday morning asking if there are kittens yet. I shall file away the answer above, in hopes I’ll sometime have need.

  2. Jane Says:

    The number of things which can happen if a gifted cat lands squarely on the keyboard, one paw at each corner (giving you function keys under paw 1, DELETE, paw 2, up & down arrows, paw 3, and SHIFT/CTRL, paw 4 … my maths isn’t up to it but suffice to say that if you perm possibilities you could be there for quite some time. An exceptionally gifted feline once turned my display into Arabic. That was … time consuming.

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