Things You Never Knew You Wanted

Our good neighbours turned up today, bringing an unexpected present. If you spend any time around small boats, you become aware that they tend to sport salami-like dangling appendages round their midriffs which ensure that contact with portside is a gentle kiss rather than a crunch. I don’t know what they’re called. The neighbours turned up bringing two such objects which have been most beautifully made out of sisal rope, using some kind of technique in the territory between knotting and knitting. The idea was that they might become scratching posts for Miss Kit. I’ll take one up to our bedroom and see if it distracts her from her matutinal ritual of scratching the arm of the chair in the bedroom, but I have hung the other on my study door. She may scratch it, but more importantly, it’s the perfect thing to keep the door open to let the animals beetle in and out as they are wont to do. And artiginal to boot.

2 Responses to “Things You Never Knew You Wanted”

  1. Jon Says:

    Fenders, usually.

    It’s increasingly unusual to see manila or sisal or, strongest of all, treated hemp. Now it’s mostly big white air-sacs like small dirigibles, actually quite like the bladders in bladderwrack. Nearly as tough as well.

    I recall that there’s a traditional fender making company somewhere near the Grand Union Canal in Warwickshire that you may have encountered.

  2. Jane Says:

    Excellent. A new word. These ones are objects constructed with the greatest of skill.

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