Happy New Year

You will doubtless be amazed that surrounded as we are by acres of snow and ice, we have failed to go anywhere or do anything more exciting than make up the fire. I asked Dr Biswell if he would like any gastronomic marker of the occasion (I don’t do dessert in the general way of things), and he suggested rice pudding. I made one, it was very nice. The Professor is making a rag rug. Dr Biswell is drinking whisky and meditating upon the confounding of his adversaries. We have changed the presepe; putting shepherds and sheep away for another year, and substituting the Kings. However, seasonal illuminations have been provided by the Almighty. I was just out with the cat (it’s half past one), and a full moon appeared in all its glory, a splendid sight, though unfortunately through a rift in towering grey-white clouds which do not promise well.

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  1. canadian professor Says:

    And Happy New year to all resident at Burnside House. EVen the rough cats. We need our base mechanicals.

    At just after 5 p.m, Eastern time, a soft snow (not much) is falling on the College playing field. I see that from my kitchen window, agsint a grey sky, with the college lights shining through the trees. The prospect, I hope, guarantees that this pastoral scene will resist any efforts to build next to Oaklands.

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