Great Escape, sort of

The Professor and Dr Biswell left yesterday morning for Manchester: Dr B absolutely has to get back to work, and the Prof had people he wanted to see. The idea was to get as far as Edinburgh last night and go on today — the Edinburgh bit worked fine, but by this morning the friend in Yorkshire he was supposed to be going to see was completely snowed in. So he is staying where he is for a couple of days (actually, in one of the most beautiful houses in Scotland; so I am not feeling too sorry for him). Dr Biswell, having added a duvet, a shovel and quantities of food to the stuff in his car, just in case, has cautiously carried on South to Manchester. I am sitting tight, marking essays and looking at the gently falling snow. There’s a wren twitting about outside — the poor little thing looks completely spherical having, I suppose, stood all its feathers on end.

4 Responses to “Great Escape, sort of”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It seems miraculous that they managed to go at all. Glad they made it so far. We’ve more or less excavated the car, discovering the existence of many an unsuspected muscle in the process, so if you need a delivery (probably on foot, from the end of your lane) just give us a ring.
    As we were digging the fresh snow this evening, an similarly spherical robin came down to the nearest branches and hinted that a little help with food would be welcome. So I’ve baked 2kgs of unwanted gram flour and crumbled it for our feathered friends. Well, even our arctic cat doesn’t go out much these days…

  2. Eleanor Says:

    So, did Dr. Biswell make it back to work?

  3. Jane Says:

    Dr B Made it back to Manchester though it is clear that this was anything but entertaining.

  4. Eleanor Says:

    Good thing!

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