Un Rapporto Eccessivamente Morbido

Of course the English Ascendancy has always been quite right. It is a clear sign of a rotter to know too many foreign languages, as an interview panel at the University of Cambridge once trenchantly reminded me. And as for the crime of holding treasonable correspondance with those lying overseas, they should never have taken it off the statute book. Without these basic legal sanctions, it’s not even enough to turn all the continental papers back at Dover as happened yesterday and quite right too. What is really needed is a week-long power-cut to stop chaps in foreign Universities from sending chaps in the UK emails in foreign tongues with links to nasty foreign scandal-sheets. The kind of poisonous insinuation which appears in the Italian Press is a sorry example of this. This is the sort of thing that can happen if vigilance is relaxed for a second. The prevention of this kind of scandalmongering is what the English Channel is for. Throw that switch. Isolate the Continent NOW. You know it makes sense.

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  1. Dr Biswell Says:

    The New York Times is being rather coy about the whole affair, or non-affair. And this computer won’t let me into Le Monde online tonight (is that a symptom of the vile royalist conspiracy?). But plucky wee Scotland on Sunday is giving us pretty much the whole story:


  2. Janey Says:

    The NY Times, as the Reppublica delights to inform us, pulled their first version of the story off the web after a mere 20 minutes. Pusillanimous or what? I am happy to state that for those whose Italian isn’t up to political/sexual innuendo, those dinkum republicans the Aussies have been perfectly happy to dish the dirt, which can be accessed merely by putting the words Charles, Michael, and Fawcett into Google.

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