Slight Advance

In case anyone’s wondering, despite volcanic dust blowing over Northern Scotland, the skies are not as yet looking like the Last Days of Pompeii, though we have been promised some spectacular sunsets (this evening’s wasn’t up to much). So no news there, really. However, we can report progress on another front. The old dog has been feeling the winter rather. Her bad leg has got stiffer and stiffer, and on rainy days she’s hardly wanted to go out at all. She went to Nice Mr Vet this week, who changed her arthritis medicine. The results were dramatic. She spent much of yesterday thundering about in elephantine gaiety, and did a little dance in the drawing room. This morning she seemed to think she had overdone things and lay in her bed looking souffrante, but as the day went on, she picked up again, and her gait, even without the excesses of yesterday, is much more youthful. Our hearts sank, though, when we were told that the new regime involved PILLS, about which she is extremely disobliging. But the pills were described on the jar as Palatable, and to our complete astonishment, unlike previous adventures with Palatable Pills for Dogs, they are. She will eat them without complaint which is a first.

5 Responses to “Slight Advance”

  1. Will Says:

    Glad to hear old dog is doing fine. Mine is suffering from ‘Sandbanks’ ear.. too much time in the sea with rich chavs.

  2. The Man From Maryport Says:

    I can report that the skies above St Bees have been distressingly pastel these last few evenings - absolutely no sign whatsoever of ‘the universe will explode later for your comfort & convenience’, etc. Bloody Icelanders, can’t even organise a decent volcanic cataclysm . . .

  3. Eleanor Says:

    I was wishing this morning that I was stuck over there with you guys!

  4. canadian professor Says:

    Us guys are now told that the ask is stepping westwards. Maritime airports think of testing (with small plances). I hzve decided, for other and more frivolous reasons, to put off my trip to the UK until July.

  5. Jane Says:

    The CP is probably well advised so to do. Sorting this little lot out is going to take quite some time.

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