For the first time that I’ve noticed, we have crows nesting in the tall beeches by the lake. I really don’t think it can have happened before. Given that the ground is covered with white spots, and the nestlings are making the most extraordinary variety of prehistoric-sounding noises, I’m fairly sure I would have noticed. My banks of spring flowers are coming along nicely. I realised in the last week or so I must have planted a lot of tulipa tarda, a very small yellow and white wild tulip which despite its name, is actually very early for a tulip. Their little yellow and white stars are popping up all over the place, and very nice it is to see them. The grape hyacinths, similarly, have put in an appearance. I thought something must have eaten them all but they were just slow getting started. The primroses are in full bloom, so we’re really looking like spring at last.

2 Responses to “Aaark”

  1. The Man From Maryport Says:

    I’d be calling in the Apparitional Gamekeeper to instigate a quick progrom against the little bastards (the crows, not the flowers). Here in St Bees, next door’s trees are full of them, causing endless noise & hygiene issues . . .

  2. Jane Says:

    The Apparitional Gamekeeper is currently dreeing his weird at some considerable distance, though within sight of a number of megaliths arranged in a circle, I do believe. Possibly just as well. Meanwhile, my Florentine iris have come out! (in the greenhouse, where they live, it’s a long way from Florence).

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