After the winter we’ve had, I must say that I was absolutely incensed to go into town to pick up a bus this morning and find there was BLOODY SNOW IN THE AIR. It hailed on the poor old bus most of the way to Aberdizzle, and then there was some snow, though thankfully, by the time I got off the thing an hour or so later, it was resolving to blue skies again. All the same, it’s a bit much. My poor little cat had a minor misadventure this evening after I got back. She rushed up the American oak-tree (a cognate species to the British but the leaf’s a bit different) on the lawn, in a spirit of showing off, and walked out along a narrow branch. Then she, er, slipped. not something any cat cares to admit to. She was about fifteen feet up and not in the slightest danger, but dignity of course is a whole other issue. There were some difficult minutes while she hung upside-down beneath the branch trying to recover her position; an attempt to boost herself back up to verticality went slightly awry, and then she was dangling by her front paws — out of my reach, unfortunately. There was a certain pathos in the way she spread her toes, apparently in the hope that the air-resistance might help … then it was one paw, and then inevitably, she fell. Of course, once airborne she whipped round to land on her feet the way cats do, completely unharmed except for a mightily bruised dignity. We have been very tactful.

2 Responses to “Oops”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    I’m sure Miss Kit has entirely wiped the entire incident from her kitty memory. It. Never. Happened.

  2. Jane Says:

    Of COURSE it never happened.

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