Pop Them Pills

Miss Best Friend hasn’t been having her best week ever, despite the appearance of Dr Biswell and Mr Wil. There have been what are in labrador circles referred to as Hilarious Vomiting Episodes; not the sort which result from self-catering ( a term of doom in doggy contexts) but clearly, the sort which result from having trouble with the basic Griblets Du Jour. We took the old coot to the vet yesterday, who thought that her new arthritis medicine (it was changed recently) was proving a bit hard on her stomach. Unfortunately, it’s at the same time, self-evidently terribly good for her joints. Miss Best Friend is an old dog, a stubborn dog, and a cunning dog, and she has a deep and profound aversion to being medicated of a kind more normally associated with cats. She’s not the sort of dog who’s fobbable-offable with a chunk of cheese with a pill in it. Cheese disappears, a thoughtful expression flits across the old countenance, then with a little sound of ‘ptui’, the pill pings off a kitchen cupboard. At the moment, the regimen amounts to: 1. Thyroid pill (small, acceptable concealed in a bit of dog paté from the vet’s). 2) Three squirts a day of Doggy Milk of Magnesia to calm the stomach. A horrid emulsion. You can squirt it to the back of the throat, but all the same, droplets of this substance can now be detected all over the kitchen. 3) Three — I think — antacids, at any rate, also aimed at calming the tum. 4) One and a half of the Palatable Pills which have caused all the trouble in the first place. Having previously been most acceptable, they are now tainted with the suspicion of being medication, and unfortunately, they are rather big. Thus we have eight hilarous medical episodes per diem. It’s quite tiring really, though not all of it will go on inefinitely. I won’t be sorry to lose the Milk of Magnesia. I’d never known dogs could spit.

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  1. cp Says:

    I sympathize with Miss BF. Had ghastly pain from what proved to be a cyst, so took Advil (this is a public service announcement: do not) and, the cyst having cleared 3 days before a consult with the chief neurosurgeon, who now boasts that he cures in advance, I went pale, the effect, it was found, of stomach bleeding. Ditto, I would think, Miss Bff and hence the antacids etc.

  2. Jane Says:

    The Labrodoric condition is actually quite mysterious. There’s no indication at all that Miss BF is in pain. She was completely happy to have the vet massaging her stomach, and he didn’t find any tender spots anywhere. Stomach bleeding would certainly show up in her excrements, which are in fact normal. Unfortunately, with a black labrador, it’s quite hard to know if it’s gone pale.

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