Kiss me Hardy

We’ve been having a proper old three ring circus with Miss Best Friend. She’s got very set in her ways. I can’t remember what started the being sick, but it was probably eating something she shouldn’t. Then we went onto this regime of eight pills a day, each one a battle, in case it was the Palatable Pills upsetting her stomach, and she decided we were torturing her and got hysterical. For the duration of the Professor’s time away she ate almost nothing (at least as far as the dog dish went), but lost neither condition nor weight. Since then the heaving has got worse, while the dog dish remains almost untouched. No sign of blood, just old fashioned biliousness. We ended up taking her to the vet for x-ray and ultrasound, in case there was some serious underlying condition, which revealed absolutely nothing wrong, from which the vet has concluded that it’s nothing more than a slightly upset liver due to eating something horrid, combined with Psychology in large doses. He recommended a light diet, rice and scrambled egg in the first instance (eggs are good for one’s liver), then rice and chicken. I made both the rice and the scrambled egg with chicken stock to make them smell nice. All dogs like chicken and rice, and this one is very partial to scrambled egg. Of course, she won’t touch them She has become so embattled that she is now apparently convinced that all food offerings are an attempt to poison her (or to medicate her which in her view amounts to the same thing). However, it’s quite obvious that she’s eating something, somehow, from somewhere, because she hasn’t lost an ounce. She heaved three times yesterday evening, on each occasion revealing that what was sitting badly on the old tum was cat food. But where is she getting it? Meanwhile, of course, she is sure in her possession of the high moral ground. She is slinking about, rolling her eyes with an early Christian martyr sort of look, saying ‘you may be starving me but please don’t beat me’ in an absolutely maddening fashion. We’re on the whole feeling that there’s nothing much to be done but keep the cat food under lock and key, and wait for her to come off it.

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    I have a postcard for Miss BF.

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