Post-Election Dysphoria

Miss Best Friend is suffering Political Disillusionment. Naturally, being a Labrador, she voted for the Food Party, who ran a most successful campaign under the banner ‘Chicken For Dogs’. Chicken there has been, but as she has gloomily discovered, not enough of it, and accompanied by brown rice. These meals, moreover, are sprinkled with some kind of brown powder which Richard the Vet thinks good for her liver. He retains a touching faith in the principle that once a dog starts to snarf down its tea it becomes a mindless eating machine and continues regardless till the dish is empty. Not this one. The result has been is that Miss BF daintily picks the bits ouf chicken out, and eats as little of the contaminated rice as she can possibly manage, given that the Labrador Snout is designed on the general principle of a shovel rather than a pair of tweezers. In fact, out of sheer stubbornness about medication, the animal has imposed a low-carbohydrate diet on herself and is actually losing a little weight. She clearly feels most ill used, and is inclined to blame the usual suspects; Socialists, Food-Faddists, and Protestants.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Sounds like an excellent trio to blame for many things. I shall adopt it immediately.

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