Chocolate Happiness

Going out to diplomatise with a grass-cutter, we were surprised to find Michael the Postie had left a large and promising box in the garage — we weren’t looking for any parcels this week. It proved to contain several packets of some of the nicest German biscuits there are — mysterious, somewhat medieval objcts called Aachener Kr√§uterprinten, which slightly resemble the more familiar Nuremburg Lebkuchen but are 1) nicer, 2) chewier, and 3) primarily flavoured with aniseed, ginger and pepper as far as I can tell. Not quite as enjoyed by Charlemagne, since sugar has wandered into a recipe which must have started out as honey based, but splendidly archaic all the same. There was also a huge box of what you might call modern or teatable chocolate biscuits of the most refined variety. The Labrador Nose was whiffling like anything. All these items are a splendid present from the German Guests, who are going to be visiting at the end of the month with the German Guestlets, who have appeared since they were last here. Miss Best Friend says she always thought they were kind and understanding and now she is sure of it. Also, small children are almost invariably more interested in feeding dogs than feeding themselves, and she looks forward to making their acquaintance.

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  1. cp Says:

    Please give my warm regards to the German Guests and Guestlets who are, I am sure, bien eleve. I don’t know the German equivalent. I will try to forward a splendid photo of Elisabeth, Owen and a small goat.

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