A cloud hid the moon …

We’ve become something of a Dark Corner ourselves, I’m sorry to say. This is partly the Collections Book, which goes to the printer in five week’s time. Currently the Good Ship CB is leaking from every orifice; and much tar and oakum, not to say hokum, need to be applied either to the project itself or to those who said they’d do something or other and haven’t. I’m writing 2+ lectures a week. Two different people are plaintively asking me for response to responses to something I’ve written, we’re presiding over a PhD viva tomorrow, another PhD student, submitting at the 59th minute of the eleventh hour, wants his entire project read. It’s not that any of this work is dull. It’s just quite hard to achieve it all simultaneously.

One thing I do want to share with you-all is the VASTLY increased health and spirits of Miss Best Friend. Now, after more vomiting episodes than anyone cares to remember, permanently on a diet of chicken and brown rice. It’s not just that she’s thinner and her fur’s nice. She’s far livelier and more interactive, and generally better in herself. Hero’s been on chicken for quite a while because cat food makes her heave. It does make you wonder what Purina et al put in the griblets, and whether all of it’s a good thing.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Ginny the cat has made it quite clear recently that while she is not generally a picky girl, she is not going to be eating any Purina products again. She has thrown in her lot with IAMS and won’t switch back to any checker-boarded packages.

  2. Jane Says:

    My previous cat, the much-lamented Aphra, ate Iams with apparent enjoyment, but all dry food seems to be equally unacceptable — one might say ‘fussy, fussy, fussy’, except that the stuff was turning up in almost-undigested piles all over the house. I try and get her to eat a BIT to guard against constipation, but they all seem problematic. I’ve wondered sometimes if she is allergic to something like soya –a cheap way of upping the protein level, but not necessarily good for them.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    But we just love them so much we will get them whatever they want!

  4. Jane Says:

    Well, you’re responsible. If you have taken sole charge of some creature’s well being, then surely this implies feeding something that it can eat - and doesn’t sick-up one time in four?

  5. Lampy Says:

    Does this mean that stinky bones are officially off the menu (and deer hearts and other sundry nastinesses)?

  6. Jane Says:

    I’m afraid the elderly insides will no longer cope with stinky bones, no matter what the views of the canine front end might be. Much of the last stinky bone made an unscheduled and unwelcome reappearance. Deer hearts strike me as pretty harmless, and of course, can be more easily rationed.

  7. canadian professor Says:

    On Monday Desmond goes for his annual meeting with Dr. Sandler, who will probably say again that he should have one meal a day, a third of a cup of the dry. I think that I will see what the weight is. Looks OK, and doesn’t seem to wolf what he gets. Principles, I think.

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