On with the Old

We got back from work today to find that we have acquired an Ancestor. He is mighty fine, and bigger than we remembered. With the sterling assistance of Miss T’s Dad, he and his oak frame have been installed over the front fireplace in the drawing-room. It was the Tropical Godfather who decided he was an Ancestor. Not, you understand, anyone’s ancestor in particular, more in the spirit of the Moomins having an Ancestor who lived behind the porcelain stove in the drawing-room. As I’ve said in a previous blog, he dates to 1827 or very near offer. He is a young man of radical temperament, in very nice clothes, but in a very informal pose. We have been considering the question of what would happen if he possessed us, rather than vice versa. 1) we might develop strongly held but ultimately impractical theories about TURNIPS, PHLOGISTON, MARL, or DEISM. 2) we would plant more trees. 3) we would read more Byron, 4) we, or at least the Professor, would become Illuminati. 5) one or other of us would learn to play the German flute. Watch for the symptoms.

3 Responses to “On with the Old”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    Do his eyes follow you around the room?

  2. Jane Says:

    Yes. Very nice eyes, blue.

  3. Eleanor Says:


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