Hope for the best

I met my agent in the summer who wanted suggested various tweakings to the new novel. I saw the point of them all, but ‘make it a bit more exciting’ is easier said than done. I mean, if you’re Jane Austen, you can get more real excitement out of someone delivering a piano than a frankly lesser writer can get out of the Emperor Zhark causing an entire galaxy to explode, so what’s exciting? There has been extensive & detailed work, and I have called a halt to it, for the two reasons that the Professor has read it, and that if I do much more on it I may go mad. So it’s off on its travels. Prayers welcome.

3 Responses to “Hope for the best”

  1. William Says:

    Sex, dear, sex! (And pianos).

  2. Jane Says:

    There are no pianos involved, since the tale in question is set between 270 and 330 AD. But there is some sex.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    All manner of prayers and varieties of karma coming your book’s way.

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