The snow has melted, but the water is now almost entirely off the track. The clown contingent successfully retrieved their van. Meanwhile we have run out of heating oil: it is now perfectly possible to get a tanker up the track, but whether our local fuel company has any fuel remains to be seen — it’s a worry because the Professor needs to stay warm. As with last year, the weather contrived to come down just before the top-up was due.

The unfortunate little cat Fillan was found dead this afternoon, collapsed near her food-bowl which was still half full. The cold must have been too much for her. It has been absolutely brutal. She evidently struggled gamely on for some time after our intervention, but it’s been too much for her at the last. She was at least ten, a good age for a feral.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    I’m sure it’s much toastier in cat heaven. Farewell feral Fillan.

    We’ve blizzard warnings ourselves here in the NC mountains and are in for a shellacking the next few days. Bitter cold, winds and snow have commenced. Time to break out the flannel bed sheets — they’d be a great choice for the new bed!

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